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Doubling the Smiles in August in Septembertix4nix
From the 26th August - 30th September we* will fund match any ticket purchased to a Live Custard's world show and donate the value to our Tix4Nix programme.   
That means if you come along to Whoa! with your family for a great time you’ll be making another family smile too!  Now doesn’t that feel good…?  And if you want really get happy, visit our store to buy a few smiles for a family via Tix4Nix.  We are trying to raise 5000 individually sponsored tickets to make a difference to at least 1500 families, so every little bit helps.
When you purchase tickets to any Custard's World show eligible for a fund match, or any purchased Tix4Nix Ticket, you will go in the draw to win!
Petite Hug
Because you are giving a smile, we think you deserve a little HUG!!
Or rather, a Petite Hug - from Zena!  
Zena's hug in a box is a little bit of luxury indulgence just at the right time of the month.  All organic necessities, plus, 3-4 luxury natural beauty treats, and lifestyle must haves. 
We are giving away 1 every Saturday in September!


The Tix4Nix programme raises funds to provide memorable family experiences at Whoa! Studios to children and families in need, for nix. 


For the joy, love, thought, generosity, kindness, compassion, fun, warm fuzzies or even the tax return benefits, giving a moment of joy and reprieve to families in need is often an overlooked basic human need.  During times of stress connecting with those we love and relieving the pressure through joy can make a world of difference, and be life long lasting.  

If you've not been to Whoa! Studios, it's a premium family experience and opened to rave reviews in Dec 2016. In just 18 months, over 50,000 kids and families have ventured out to West Auckland to experience the joy that a day at Whoa! provides. Through Tix4Nix we want to share that joy with people who may not be able to experience the Whoa! magic of their own accord due to financial, social or situational constraints.

Below we share with you Marcus's Story -   please take a moment to watch what a difference a day made for him and the impact it's had on his family.  It is truly heartwarming.

Our hope is that every child and family who has a wonderful day out at Whoa!, courtesy of the Tix4Nix programme, will face their challenges with renewed strength.

Give Tix4Nix tickets

Tix4Nix tickets are collected by Whoa! Studios and paid to the Clarity Charitable Trust*. We work with the trust to distribute the tickets to our partner charities, who send them to the children and families they know and serve.   

We have a goal to raise 10,000 tickets in total.  The Clarity Trust has pledged to match your donation (up to a max of 5000) as well! So for every Tix4Nix ticket you pledge, you will see double the benefit in the community.  We are seeking to to raise 5000 to make up our goal of 10,000 tickets and we hope this will come from more great people just like you!

So give a little grin, a ticket or two, or more, and join us in spreading smiles to those who could really use one.

Warm regards,
The Whoa! Studios Family

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A few of our Partner Charities include:




To inquire about becoming a charitable partner please email: candace@whoastudios.co.nz


Marcus's Story....

The team at Whoa! Studios are fortunate to have met Marcus and his loving family through the Make-a-Wish Foundation. He inspires us everyday to find the joy in what we do and share it with others.  We hope you'll find his story as inspiring as we do.


I'm intrested in helping or being helped by Tix4Nix

Making Memories...

"We are a product of our memories.  What we are trying to do here is to create experiences that help round us out, shape us....Experiences are the memories you carry with you, that shape who you become." 
- Founder, David Sutherland talks about why bringing joy to children and their families is so important to the Whoa! family.


Give Tix4Nix tickets