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Puppy Love Sundays

Puppy Collage Gallery Grid

Sunday 7th April is Puppy Love Sunday at Whoa! Studios.  

Indulge your pup with a fluffy Puppachino, and we'll donate the profit to Greyhounds as Pets!

Don't have your own pup?  That's ok! come along anyway for a little puppy lovin anyways! And if you'd like to learn more about adopting a Greyhound  visit their website or support their good work by donating to their Annual Appeal here!


A BIG Thank you to our Sponsors below!!

Greytouch PLS Special

About Greyt Touch Canine Massage Therapy

Mary-Anne Smith is the leading canine massage therapist on Auckland’s North Shore and specialises in a range of canine massage techniques suited to dogs from all walks of life – pet dogs, working dogs and sporting dogs of all ages, health conditions, temperaments and breeds.  In-home mobile service is available across the entire Auckland region. 

Are you finding the mid-winter chills affecting your furbaby? Or maybe they've got an old injury or dare I say it getting a little stiff with age??   
Massage is excellent in improving joint mobility, circulation and easing arthritis. (However always check in with your vet if there are any specific areas of concern for a diagnosis of any underlying health conditions)

Take advantage of this Puppy Love Sunday Special! Just 45mins for a full body Pup Massage!

Mary-Anne is a certified canine massage therapist through Canis Bodyworks, is Pet 1st Aid certified and a Diploma Vet Nurse in training.

Pop-up Pup Photoshoot

Capture the Cuteness!

I am Nancy Grice Photography!  I make it my mission to create fabulous images of your four-legged family members! ( Disclaimer - I will do two-legged as well). I will be at Whoa Studios on April 7th from 4pm-7pm with my pop-up studio.

Nancy Grice is a skilled animal photographer and she is a regular at Puppy Love Sundays. Check out her website here.

Based in the heart of Auckland, she's most in her happy place when she's capturing special moments of your furbabies for you to treasure.



A Passion for Animals at the Heart of Micro-Med

As a naturopathic nutritionist and lifelong animal enthusiast, Maria Brown embarked on her entrepreneurial journey alongside her partner Mike Pattinson, a skilled expert in Bio-dynamics and Permaculture. Both of them faced substantial health obstacles, which led them to believe that there had to be a more fulfilling way of living.
Check out their amazing stories here:

Their personal challenges and deep appreciation for the natural world motivated them to discover a method of harmonizing with nature through the preservation of a proper microbial balance, which ultimately promotes the overall wellness of animals.

Just like humans, a pet’s system can lose this balance, triggering inflammation as well as skin, digestive and immune health issues. MicroMed probiotic treatments help restore that microbial balance.

Visit:  https://micromed.org.nz/


You can now bring your pup to Whoa! Studios on the first Sunday of every month to meet pup-experts and friends!  

Each month we will be inviting a different charitable organisation and or expert along in order to create the opportunity for families to meet the dogs they support or work with.  We are interested in supporting a range of organisations and charities, including those who work to rehome, rehabilitate, provide physical and emotional support dogs and more. 

We believe Puppy Love Sunday is a fantastic way for children and adults who may be less familiar with dogs to feel they can explore how best to engage and be around dogs.  Here's some Pack RULES to keep everyone safe and happy on the day!

Pack Rules Puppy Love Park Sign (600 × 900mm)


Round Grounds logoGrounds 2

The Grounds restaurant at Whoa! Studios, by Award-Winning Executive Chef Ben Bayly, produces wholesome, healthy and fresh food daily. We make virtually everything onsite including our pastas, sourdough and even our home made 'magnum style' icecreams!  We want your experience to include quick and friendly service so please help us by booking ahead of time. 

You can even book an amazing set menu offering great value for groups of 10 or more guests.  Just book by clicking the button below or send us a note on dining@thegrounds.co.nz

Kids Birthday and Park